Monday, November 2, 2009

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

What is in a name? From the brewery website (, this beer is named after the Punkin Chunkin event in southern Delaware. The website goes on to suggest foods to pair this beer with. The alcohol by volume for Punkin Ale is 7.00%. This brew pours an orange-ish amber color. The medium sized head is cream colored. The odor from this beverage is that of cinnamon, spices, and nutmeg. I am not detecting alot of pumpkin in this drink while sniffing it. The carbonation is medium. The taste? I notice malt, some spices (cinnamon is one of them), and a brown sugar quality. Like the smell, I am not noticing alot of pumpkin in the taste. The blend of ingredients does come together well. The malt, spices and brown sugar definitely dominate the taste of this beer. Although this beer is not outstanding, the overall quality is good. I grade this beer a B to B+. Happy post Halloween.

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